About Us

Turboteknik Cooling, located in Bursa established in 1987, carries out the cooling design and production activities for various industries in a 300 m2 closed hall production area. Company designs standard industrial water and oil coolers and as well custom designed products according to the customers needs. To reach maximum customer satisfaction, we use highest quality materials and parts during the manufacturing steps. Our wide range of products and services are available in a variety of industries.

Turbo Teknik Soğutma

Technical Service Policy

All our products are under one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our Product

All our products are used in various industries like plastic injection, packaging, rubber, chemical, metal and etc…

Industrial Water Chillers: Water chillers serves to remove heat from plastic injection molds, motors of router machines, spot welding machines and torches of gas welding machines.

EDM Water Chillers: These chillers are used to remove the excess heat from the cooling fluid of the EDM wire cutting machines.

Food&Beverage Chillers: Food and beverage processing chillers serves to cool the dairy products at a specific degree of temperature. Besides, these chillers provide cold drinking water for industrial companies and ovens.

Oil Coolers: These products are used to cool the hydraulic oils of presses and spindle motor unit of CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.

Our Services

Cold Room Evaporators: They are all custom designed products according to the clients need.

Market Coolers: They are all custom designed products according to the clients need.

Gas Piping for Industrial Laser Cutting Machines: We provide oxygen and nitrogen gas piping services for laser cutting and sheet metal processing machines.

Piping for Inert Gas Welding Machines: Argon and CO2 gas piping is provided for welding machines.

Industrial Chiller Maintenance and Repair: We give repair and maintenance services for different types of chiller units.

Low Temperature Chillers for Testing: This type of chillers are used for testing of the products in the laboratory environment.

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