Industrial Water Chiller

Capacity: 5.4 kW

Our industrial water chiller series products are widely used in plastic, metal, pharmaceutical, textile, automative and chemistry industries.

System Limits
Gauges & Lights


  • Cooling the mold of the injection press
  • Cooling the water of laser sheet cutting machines
  • Cooling the water of induction cookers
  • Cooling of the jaws and transformers of spot welding machines
  • Cooling of torches of arc welding robots
  • Oil cooling of hydraulic presses
  • Cooling of seam welding machines
  • Keeping acid bath temperature constant between 20-30 C in coating processes such as galvanization and anodizing
  • Cooling of the servo motor shaft of router benches in the furniture industry

Water Circuit

  • Low water level protection

Refrigerant Circuit

  • High pressure protection

Water Circuit

  • Dixell digital water temperature gauge


  • Galvanized sheet (1.5mm)
  • Electrostatic powder coated
  • Top and side panels can be opened
  • Compact dimensions
  • It is designed for indoor work.


  • Hermetic Compressor and plate heat exchanger
  • Stainless water tank (304 SS)
  • Cabin Wheels
Product size
Cooling Capacity kW 5,4
Kcal/h 4,6
Compressor Type Rotary
Power Hp 2
Refrigeration Gas R407C
Refrigerant Flow Control Capillary
Evaporator Type Shell and tube
Cooling Fan Quantity 1
Diameter cm 45
Power Watt 160
Flow Rate m3/h 4.500
Pump Type Centrifugal
Power Hp 1/2
Flow Rate m³/h 1
Head mss 18
Material GG25 Cast iron
Tank Volume Liter 100
Material Plastic
Fluid Connection Inch 1
Electrical Apparatus Siemens veya Schneider Electric
Electrical Supply V / Hz 220 / 50-60Hz
Working Current A 11,9
Power Cable n x mm2 3 x 2,5
Supply Power kW 2,4
Weight kg
The specified cooling capacity value is based on + 35C outdoor temperature and + 7.2C evaporation temperature. As the outdoor temperature rises, the Cooling Capacity will decrease.
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Heat Load Calculation

Flow rate
Inlet Temperature (°C)
Outlet Temperature (°C)
Heat Load (kWatt)

Cooling Capacity Calculation

Initial Temperature (°C)
Final Temperature (°C)
Time (minutes)
Cooling Capacity (kWatt)